Being Authentic

authentic lifeBeing authentic means being true to oneself and living the truth and vision one finds within. It means living the reality of one’s true self as a day-to-day practice, not holding them as mere intellectual concepts.

All of us must live this being true to oneself, not just believe. That is why we are here on earth in time and space. We have the opportunity to practice what we believe and to live up our deepest visions. To have a life that is deep and rich and filled with meaning and purpose is something marvelous.

Understanding oneself is a prerequisite to living an authentic life. Being authentic means knowing and trusting oneself. It is listening within to hear the truths that lay awaiting our discovery beyond the inner chatter of day-to-day living. Once these truths are discovered it is needed to bring them to conscious action. It is through this conscious action that one becomes authentic.

Being authentic means trusting deep inner wisdom and acting upon it whether it is pleasant or not, whether it is convenient or not. It is never convenient to be authentic. One does it because he/she knows it is right and it is also true that being authentic is a step to self actualization – that is to say ‘being true to oneself’!

We are challenged in our life to be authentic. True spirituality is found in action. Our action is to bear fruits in the due course of time. If it does not bear fruits then it becomes deception or delusion. Looking beyond the superficiality of life and finding meaning and purpose is expected of us as religious, committed to mission. Then true happiness, peace and inner joy follows. It is the real calling and opportunity that life gives.

Sr. Daisy George