Inner Joy

inner joy - 2Giving is good and that one must learn to give. It is not only money or things that can be given. It can be a gentle noble touch of the heart, consoling words that build the other. We give with our heart and we receive with humility. We absorb humility from being around people who are humble. Humility also tends to come to those who experience adversity and suffering at some point in their lives. Humility and just suffering will give us inner peace that will fill our life with inner joy.

The very nature of inner joy is that it does not contain in itself but it expands. The joy we generate goes out into the world to heal and transform it. It is like a river flowing with a melodious music embracing everything that comes on its way cleansing it, giving life to it and transforming it on the course of its flow. A flowing river does not contain stagnant water; every day, every moment, new drops of water flows. We indeed are God’s rivers, His ever flowing streams, with the ability to bring forth watered gardens in our own life and in the lives of others.

The secret of becoming a life giving river is to fill our minds with new thoughts every day that vibrates positive energy. God invites us to arise and bubble forth in His presence in order to gush forth in our life radiating his goodness and joy.

Sr. Daisy George