Community life is an integral part of religious life. Like a family we draw strength, support and guidance from each other. Our Foundress Blessed Brigida reminds us that community is “Communion of hearts and wills where all are of one heart and live in an atmosphere which favors the joyous gift of oneself to God and to the neighbor”( Const: 59).

The community united in the spirit of love and unity becomes a prophetic sign to the world. To radiate the values of the kingdom in a counter cultural manner and to do so with the prophetic courage and vision requires both the discernment and support of the community. The quality of our mission flows from the quality of our community life (G.C.Acts 2009, P. 11).

Communities strive to live in accordance with the values of the Gospel and the spirit of the Foundress. Efforts are made to search for the will of God in our mission and life. Care is taken to improve the quality of community living so that our apostolic activities become more effective. We encounter God and listen to His voice in silent personal prayer and community prayer. Reading the Word of God in common or otherwise enables us to have a faith vision – to see the hand of God in the events of life/life situations. Practice of faith sharing in our communities helps the members to grow in greater inner freedom.


We have fourteen communities reaching out to various mission fields in five states of India under five Dioceses.



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Our Presence in the Province

1. Ursuline Convent, Gr. Noida (Established in 2000)/Nirmala Provincialate, Greater Noida (2010)                      Ursuline senior Secondary School, Greater Noida was God’s millennium gift to the Province. The construction of the first phase was almost completed in 2000 and the first academic year began on 9th April 2000. The new community started to stay in a …