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St. Patrick’s Sr. Sec. School, Jaunpur

Education is not a preparation of life, it is life itself ’.

St. Patrick’s Sr. Sec. School works in tandem with the three interlinked goals of success, equality, equity and believes in inclusive education. It strives to provide all the facilities, be it academic or recreational for quality education, keeping pace with global environment, creating mature and innovative thinkers of lifelong learners.

 Our aim is that our children emerge as secure individuals, having developed a sound sense of self worth, and a healthy respect of their individuality. We seek to create a friendly, secure, caring, warm, comforting, stimulating and collaborative learning environment in our class-rooms, to enable our children to develop freely at their own pace. This even as they move towards optimizing their potential without the fear and humiliation of unfair comparison with this friends and to make the school a happy place and not a place where children feel alienated, bored, hurt, persecuted or threatened. We try to create an environment where everyone-teachers, students and parents should feel supported, cared for and respected.

 We conceive teaching as an extremely creative and complex process, one requiring much imagination, continuous thinking, caring and commitment. Our pedagogy, teaching methodology, our curriculum, organizational structure, teacher-student relationship, policies and rules are all designed to actualize our vision of schooling and education to use it as an instrument of change bringing about individual and social growth.

 Our school does not persist with the same method of teaching year by year. It makes changes in keeping with the evolving situations of life. Life today has become for more complex than what it was before. With the passage of time, fresh challenges have emerged to cope wherewith, is an uphill task. They require a strength which comes from education. Education does not mean simply the acquisition of knowledge in the sense of information. God has given us many faculties which remain dormant. It’s education that develops them. Education thus, brings out our potential. It leads to holistic development of personality. It develops physical, intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual powers but for which one cannot effectively meet the challenges of life. Education is so important that one cannot think of one’s life without it. That’s why it is said that education is not a preparation of life, it is life itself.

Our school, as such, imparts a kind of education that equips students to deal with multiple situations of life. For this purpose, we motivate students to participate in games and sports and various other co-curricular activities for which we have adequate infrastructure. We have Yoga teachers who train the students in yogic exercises and meditation to ensure not only physical but also emotional well being. We, sometimes, invite counselors to train the emotions of students. We have qualified faculty which, through combination of teaching methods, promotes their intellectual powers.

We develop personal, professional and work values in them. Besides, our focus is always on the cultivation of eternal values like truth, goodness, peace, unity, power, beauty, love etc. which are the sources of several other values which we are supposed to practice in our life. If a person is every way competent but has no values can hardly thrive in life. Values fuel great accomplishments in life. We, thus, make incessant efforts to groom our children for the roles they are called upon, to play in their life afterwards. 

It is aptly said-“Education is manifestation of perfection already present in man”.