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Ursuline Sr. Sec. School. Gr. Noida

“Children must be taught how to think…not what to think!” Margaret Mead.

As we open the newspapers today, we become dumbstruck by the extent of vices and miscreants in the society. The world seems to have abandoned the discernment between good and evil. There is a sense of insecurity and mistrust towards everyone. The mistrust seems to have extended even towards blood relations. A society in such a poor state calls for strong a education system to build and create a new generation on the values of trust and love.

 Ever since its conception Ursuline Convent Sr. Sec. School, Greater Noida, has been striving to make a change in the society by educating its young ones. It not only gives wings to fly but also teaches to be rooted. For more than two decades, Ursulines have been standing upto its expectations of carving a creative mind in children on one side and instilling values on the other. It has left no stones unturned to impart a holistic education to its learners.

 The school has improved by leaps and bounds. It feels great to be a part of this memorable journey. Just like a potter shapes the clay, we feel we are giving shape to the integrity of characters. The journey has enriched us to be better human beings. It feels amazing to see the students excelling in all the spheres of the school life. The power of reforming one’s character is in our hands. Our school has always uplifted the morale and confidence in the students. All in all we don’t impart education but knowledge that gives us immense satisfaction and inner strength.

 The values that we hold and provide, gives more weightage to the character which is different from the private schools.

 The school has bloomed in the present session. Several activities and programs were conducted to make the students aware of their hidden potentials and talents. The investiture ceremony adds feather on the cap by shaping and framing the leaders of tomorrow. USM (Universal Solidarity Movement) supplements icing in the cake by giving leadership training to the students. The orientation program conducted for the senior students of the school helps them to become responsible citizen of the country and their choice of career.

 Instilling the students with not only the qualitative education but also enhancing the overall capabilities and their moral growth has been a keen focus to ensure the overall development. For any building to be strong the base needs to be strong. For a house to stand against adversities, it needs to be built on a rock. Similarly for any society to be complete it needs to have productive ‘human’ beings and the share that educational institutions have in shaping them is huge and everything this institution, Ursuline Convent Sr. Sec. School Greater Noida, does is by keeping this in mind, thus ensuring that students get the very best.