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Healing Ministry


OPD_dept.-1                                “I have come that you may have life – life in all its                     

                                                                 fullness”  –  John 10/10

Today we live in an age dominated by globalization, liberalization and commercialization, although basic health care is fundamental & constitutional health is right of every citizen. The present health care system is over centralized; as a result rapidly progressing and technologically advancing medical facilities are out of reach for the common people. WHO define the “health as a state of physical, mental and social well being and not merely absence of disease.” In healing ministry we focus not only curative care but also we give due attention to other aspects, such as- preventive, promotive & rehabilitative health care service.

Jesus is prophetic healer is our inspiration and model. The holistic character of Jesus’ healing is seen in His many healing miracles, where he healed mind and body. Jesus was moved by compassion for all who were in need, whatever their pain and hurt. His compassion was to bring healing and fullness of life to all.

The physical ailments are always the sign of a resistance in the physical being, but with surrender to the divine will integral health is restored. Doctors and medicines are only a means to cure.  A great number of consecrated persons, especially women carry out their apostolate in the field of health care by giving medicine with faith. Down the centuries many consecrated persons have given their lives in service to victims of contagious diseases confirming the truth that dedication to the point of heroism belongs to the prophetic nature of the consecrated life by care for the sick and the suffering and giving awareness to their illness. The most important thing in therapeutics is to teach the body to react properly and reject the illness energetically as in the mind we reject falsehood.

The body is cured if it has decided to be cured; peace and stillness are the great remedy for disease. If we can bring peace in our body cells we are cured because body and mind are interconnected. In healing ministry majority of the people are healed because of this assurance and medication. We are called to heal not only the physical illness but mentally and psychologically by our loving presence, compassion and care.


The Charism of our Foundress, that of identification with Christ crucified, comes alive in the Apostolate of Healing, where we are called to serve the sick and suffering and to give them fullness of life. Blessed Brigida of Jesus was gifted with a special love for the sick as we see this distinctly from her life and exhortations to the sick members and the infirmarians (Exh.VII). “The Ursuline who is involved in the Healing Mission is called upon to care for the sick with special dedication, see Christ in our suffering Sisters and Brothers” (Const.Art.105). Our Mission is to give life and hope to the humanity and thus give meaning to the way of living, suffering and dying, to the people of our day.

“The Ursulines of Mary Immaculate involved in the healing mission are called upon to care for the sick with special dedication, see Christ in our suffering sisters and brothers” (Const.Art.105). To serve life is to serve God.

The prime concern of we who are engaged in healing ministry is to bring integral healing to the patients i.e. healing of body, mind and soul focusing on the compassionate manifestation of God.

Our Strengths

  • Better functioning of hospitals with the presence of sister doctors
  • Lot of dedication and hard work put in by sisters


The Ursulines recognize the image of Christ in the sick and suffering and take care of them with preferential Love. Our service demands Professional competence, Profound Reverence for the dignity of the person and Personal concern for the good of the Individual and Society as a whole, irrespective of race, sex, caste or creed.


A just and healthy society in which the crucified of today, the oppressed, the marginalized, the sick and the suffering, especially the vulnerable group (women, children and aged) can experience love, care and compassion, being empowered to enjoy positive health and wholeness of life and to uphold dignity and respect for life.

Our prophetic role is to become persons for the other and experts who provide trust, confidence and wholeness to the sick by emptying ourselves, for Christ and His Mission.


Our vision of the Healing Ministry is: integral Healing and wholeness of Life, to experience harmony with self, God others and with environment. Following the footsteps of Jesus, the Merciful Samaritan who ‘went about doing good and Healing all’ (Acts.10:39), the Ursulines commit themselves to the care of the sick in a spirit of joyful service , with profound understanding and kindness that is sensitive to the hopes, sorrows and burdens of those served.

Our thrust is for a holistic health Care approach where, while upholding the advances of medical Science, we also adopt means of restoring the balance in the psychological, emotional and spiritual realm which is in turmoil in time of sickness; we are called to be solicitous Counsellors at all times, caring comforters in time of grief, and healers of body and soul.

In all our Health Care Institutions (Hospitals, Health Centers, Dispensaries) our objectives are: –

  1. To restore health, to promote wholeness of human life, recognizing the same as unique entity to be cared for, in its Physical, Psychological, Spiritual, Social, Economic and Environmental needs i.e. Care of the whole person.
  2. Respect for the person and for human life from conception to its natural death, in full conformity with the teaching of the Church giving a special place, to the poorest and most abandoned and sick, such as women, children, the elderly, handicapped, marginalized, terminally ill, victims of drug abuse, of contagious diseases and of dreadful diseases like AIDS.
  3. Uphold the values of equality and justice in the care of the sick keeping in line with our option for the poor.
  4. Provide quality Health Care with professional competence in all our Institutions.
  5. Participatory Administration at all levels and close collaboration among Sisters, Staff, Employees and students.
  6. Adequate training and ongoing education to update oneself with new trends and advances in the health care delivery.
  7. Collaboration and working with Govt. and non-governmental agencies for enrichment, sharing and effective utilization of resources.

The spirituality of the Foundress Blessed Brigida of Jesus centered on the identification with Christ Crucified is more visible in the healing ministry. The Foundress recognized the face of the suffering Christ in the sick. Inspired by her example the Ursuline Sisters of Mary Immaculate takes up the medical apostolate, responding to the need of the people, where they are called to serve the sick and the suffering, and to alleviate their pain.

Following the footsteps of Jesus the divine physician of souls and bodies, imitating our Foundress Blessed Brigida, revitalizing the Charism of our congregation, and by being compassionate and understanding to the sick and suffering, we try to create a better world of love, peace and joy.

Jesus went about curing every disease and sickness (Mt 4.35). We carry out our Healing Ministry bringing solace to the sick and suffering with proficiency and pastoral sensitivity, respecting life in all its stages and by being faithful to the teachings of the Church.

Nirmala Province of the Ursulines of Mary Immaculate try to excel in our health care system in order to impart better care and patient’s satisfaction and update our policy, structure and approaches time and again.

“You are the salt of the Earth, You are the light of the world”

These are the complements given by Jesus. People are touched and healed by the expression of love, compassion and caring, through Healing Ministry. This makes one salt of the Earth and Light of the World’. Health care ministry remains anchored in our respect for our patients and their dignity.


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