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Karunashray Hospital, Sultanpur

Karunashray Hospital is a charitable maternity hospital established in 1975 with 25 beds. All over the world maternal and child health is recognized as one of the important components of family welfare. This Hospital focuses on maternal and child health, refers to a package of comprehensive health care and services, which are developed to meet promotive, preventives, curative and rehabilitative health care of the mother and child.

Look back and thank God

   Look forward and trust God

                 Look around and serve God              

Look within and find God

Today this hospital has 85 beds and has the facilities of general hospital the main departments are – General medicine, OB Gynae, pediatric, surgery, ultra solography, and pharmacy and laboratory. Our Nursing department strives for quality service irrespective of caste and creed. Immunization Programme for children and pregnant women are regularly conducted that the poor around are benefited.

We have solidarity with the people of our county by celebrating of the important days such as Diwali, Christmas, independence day, Republic day, women’s’ day and hospital day. We do have outreach programs, medical camps conducted in villages in collaboration with Social apostolate and Community Health. Department.

Jesus our master not only taught and healed but shared his spirit with his disciple and with those who encountered him. The effectiveness of our healing ministry depends on our ability to share our vision and mission to our collaborators and beneficiaries. Our prophetic role is to become persons for the other and experts who provide trust, confidence and wholeness to the sick by emptying ourselves for the sake of the other, bringing healing touch to the suffering people of our day.