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Nirmala Niketan Health Centre, Sikanderpur



Nirmala Niketan Health Center came into existence on 6th March 1987. There was an ample scope for the evangelical work among Christians and non-Christians alike in the villages near and far. The means adopted by the sisters are regular visits to these villages in an effort to instruct them in Christian faith and morals, along with an earnest desire to get acquitted with their customs and traditional practices, which block their progress in any aspect of their life.

The vision and zeal of pioneering members to work whole heartedly for the upliftment of the people of Sikanderpur have been zealously carried out, down to the years until today. According to the need of the people and signs of the time mission took varied forms and shapes. People were very happy about the new establishments as they were an urgent need of the time. Even today people are very happy with the Health Center as we don’t have a hospital nearest. There are PHC in Sikanderpur and a sub center at Pandha block near one kilometer away from us and doctors are available.

We are only treating the patients who come to us for first aid care and medicines with complaints of Malaria, Typhoid Antenatal and post natal patients, upper tract infections etc.

Snake bites and scorpion bites are common in this area due to lack of cleanliness in housekeeping, sanitation and proper house. Patients come to us in any time of the day and night. We treat them joyfully aiming at their integral healing.