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Our Presence in the Province

1. Ursuline Convent, Gr. Noida (Established in 2000)/Nirmala Provincialate,

Greater Noida (2010)              


Ursuline senior Secondary School, Greater Noida was God’s millennium gift to the Province. The construction of the first phase was almost completed in 2000 and the first academic year began on 9th April 2000.

The new community started to stay in a rented house at sector 43, Noida from 2nd April and began working in the school. The opening of the school was on 9th April 2000. It was a very simple ceremony, during which a portion of the new school building was blessed. The community then shifted to Greater Noida in July 2000, occupying a few classrooms.

 A short prayer service was conducted imploring God’s blessings on the new institution. The students about 22 of them, their parents and some of our well-wishers were present on the occasion.

9th September 2000 was the formal blessing and inauguration of the school by His Grace Most Rev. Vincent Concessao. Extension of the school building adding more classrooms continued. The school which was started on 10th April 2000 with a total of 25 students from LKG to class I began to grow in quality and number as the years went by. Today the school has reached up to class XII with 2000 students on roll. This school in Greater Noda is a beacon of light to the people of the locality contributing to the spiritual, moral and intellectual developments of the youth.

The blessing and inauguration of the convent took place in the year 2007. The house was officially inaugurated as the headquarters of Nirmala vice Province. On 3rd December 2010, it was further elevated to the status of the headquarters of the newly formed Nirmala Province, Greater Noida.



2. Nirmala Convent, Kathgodam (Established in 1966)        


Educating the young and caring for the old continue to be the ministries of Nirmala Convent, kathgodam.

In 1996 complying with the request of the then Bishop of Lucknow, the Ursulines of Mary Immaculate opened the Little Flower Home for the aged for the sick and the dying. The Home for the aged and Nirmala Convent was inaugurated on 2nd October 1966 on the feast of Little Flower. The official blessing of the home for the aged and the convent was done on 8th September 1967 when the building was completed.

The scenic beauty of Kathgodam, its pleasant climate and warm hospitality of the hill people, provide a conducive atmosphere for senior citizens to spend their retired lives in peace and quietness. To take care when thery are sick and hold hands when thery say good-bye to this world is what the sisters do in the home for the senior citizens. The home is opened to evryone who needs care and support in the evening of their lives.

Nirmala Convent School was opened in 1968. Over the years, the school has grown to a full pledged high School and later to Sr. Sec. School, educating mainly the local students and from the near by factories. Now it has the strength of 3300 + and is blessed with excellent result ,in CBSE Board. Warmth, respect, Patriotism, compassion and brotherhood are some of the outstanding values every Nirmalite acquires during the education.

The call to reach out to the less privileged ones of fthe society, to the poorest of the poor around Kathgodam, we started the Himdi Medium Primary School in 1984 with 34 students and now it is on its path of progress imparting quality education to the less privileged in the society.             

3. Asha Niketan Convent, Bailparao (1987)

Bailparao, a village mission station with a Hindi Medium School belonging to the Diocese of Bareilly, existed much earlier when the Ursulines of Mary Immaculate took over. We became part of this mission in 1987 as the school was entrusted to us to administer. The school which was a Hindi Medium Junior High School received the grant-in-aid and was raised up to a high School in 2003. The school was upgraded and got recognition up to high school in the year 2003.

Being a diocesan Hindi Medium High School, sisters cater mainly to the education of economically backward sectons of the society. Asha Niketan community actively takes part in the integral formation of the students and the upliftment of women and the poor

4. St. Mary’s Convent School Community, Bazpur (1964)


Bazpur, a densely populated remote village of Udham Singh Nagar District under Uttarakhand state is a predominantly agricultural centre. To cater to the educational needs of this remote village, at the request of the then Bishop of Lucknow, the Ursulines of Mary Immaculate consented to open a Convent and school. Thus the new convent was opened on 30th December 1964.

On 15th January 1965 St. Mary’s School was inaugurated.

As the school grew in strengh, the classes increased and the school was recognized and made into a full pledged high school affiliated to CBSE in April 1979. Parallel to the English Medium runs a Hindi Medium School up to class X in the same premises. It is mainly to cater to the economically backward and who cannot cop up with the syllabus of English medium. It is a sister concern of the English Medium school and financed by it. Besids education, the community is actively involved in activities like Mahila mandal, youth programs and Cruzivir.

5. St. Mary’s Hospital Community, Bazpur (1976)



The need of a hospital was felt by the Catholic Church at Bazpur and the local people. Complying with their request, the Ursuline Sisters of Mary Immaculate decided to open a dispensary at Bazpur. In 1974 we began to work for the poor of the locality by attending to the patients and distributed medicines. On 17th February 1976 the foundation stone for the Health Centre was laid.

New activities such as pastoral and social apostolates are added to the medical work. St. Mary’s Health Centre rendered its dedicated service to the poor and the marginalized people of the neighbouring villages. To improve the facilities of the Health Centre and to increase the number of beds and to upgrade it to a hospital was the felt need of the hour. So the extension work started in April 2001 and inaugurated the wing in 2002. Now it is functioning as a hospital with operation facilities and residential doctor.

6. Rosary Villa Convent, Bhowali (1987)



On 16th August 1987 the Ursulines of Mary Immaculate took over the house of Rosary Villa, Bhowali from the Diocese of Lucknow. This house is conducive for prayer and reflection. An English Medium primary school was opened there in 1997. Sisters put their efforts in bringing up the students in values.

On 20th June 2008, the new convent building for the sisters was blessed and inaugurated by His Lordship Most Rev. Anthony Fernandez, the then Bishop of Bareilly. Retreats, courses and seminars are conducted here.

7. St. Ann’s Convent, Chandigarh (1976)

GroupUrsulines of Mary Immaculate opened our convent in Chandigarh on 21st June 1977 in a rented house. On 3rd October 1977 St. Ann’s Convent School was opened with a few students on the roll. From then on the school went from strength to strength.

St. Ann’s Convent School,which stands elegantly in the center of City Beautiful is a full fledged and prestigious institution today with a strength of over 3000 studnets. It is a Diocesan school under Simla-Chandigarh Diocese administred by the Ursulines of Mary Immaculate.

On the 10th of January 1987 His Lordship Rt. Rev. Dr. Gilbert Rego laid the foundation stone for a new convent building in the school premises. On 22nd of August 1987 tge blessing of this new house took place.

St. Ann’s Community is actively involved in the field of education and socio-pasoral ministry and thus bringing solace and comfort to the people around in the various ways they can.

8. Karunashray Hospital Community, Sultanpur (1975)



Karunashray Hospital was established by the Diocese of Allahad in response to a felt need and request made by the civil authorities. It was handed over to the Ursuline sisters of Mary Immaculate by the Diocese in the year 1975.

Karunashray hospital is rendering valuable services to the people of Sultanpur and around, since 1975. This hospital focuses on mematernal and child health care and services to promote prevenstive, curatice and rehabilitative health care of mother and child. The main departments are General Medicine, OB Gynae, Pediatric and Surgery. The efficient and experienced medical Staff strive for quality service.

Through community health department we reach out to several villages. The blessing and inauguration of Karunashry Samajik Seva Kendra(KSSK) was done on 31st May 2009.The many activities undertaken by KSSK are beneficial to the poor people around.

9. Prem Dham, Gajraula (1984)



The very name signifies love. In 1984 Prem Dham Convent was established. It is a small community engaged in education, taking care of the poor children in the hostel and socio-pastoral ministry.

Jeevan Jyoti Hindi Medium School came into existence on 8th January 1985 in collaboration with the IMS Fathers. It is under Meerut Diocese. In 1990 it was recognized as primary School, in 1995 as Junior high school and in 1997 as High School getting the official recognition of U.P Gov.

Vimal Bhawan Girls’ Hostel, Gajraula was inaugurated on 1st November 1996 aiming at the upliftment of the poor girls of the locality and the neighboing villages of Gajraula. As the years rolled by the number of hostelites increased and now we have 40 poor girls in the hostel. Their studies are taken care of along with character formation and skills in life.


10. St. Patrick’s Convent, Jaunpur (1974) 


St. Patrick’s Convent, Jaunpur was opened on 30th June 1974 in a rented house. By the middle of June 1980 the new convent was blessed and inaugurated.

St. Patrick’s Convent School, Jaunpur was started on 2nd July 1974 in a rented house in Ruhatta. In 1975 the foundation stone of the new school building was laid in Pachahatia. In 1976, it was shifted to the present building and in 1978 school was recognized as Hindi Medium Jr. High School. After 4 years in 1989, English medium classes started. It was raised to High School level in the session 1995 – 1996. The first batch of students appeared for the CBSE Examination in 1998.

St. Patrick’s community actively involves in education and Socio-Pastoral apostolates and thus serves the society and contributes to nation building.

11. St. Mary’s Convent, Raghopur (1991)


St. Mary’s Convent, Raghopur was blessed and inaugurated on 3oth June 1991.St. Mary’s School, Raghopur was established in 1989. It was administered by the Diocese of Varanasi.

The Ursulines of Mary Immaculate took over the administration and running of the school at the request of the Diocese in June 1991.

It is an English Medium School aiming at the education of the students around to the extent possible.

The school was affiliated to CBSE Board on 30th Jan. 1999. St. Mary’s Community is actively involved in the integral formation of its children.


12. Nirmala Niketan, Sikanderpur (Established in 1981)

20160813_115812Nirmala Niketan convent is situated in the district of Ballia, in a village named Chakasuma Masoompur post under Sikanderpur city. It is under the Diocese of Varanasi.

Nirmala Niketan came into existence on 6th Marh 1981 with the purpose of the upliftment of the poor and marginalized. We opened a Helth Centre on 11th February 1987. On the same day Balwadi was opened there for the near by children and it still continues.

Nirmala Niketan community is actively involved in Socio-Pastoral apostolate and health care.

13. Ursuline Convent, Manjakkunnu (2005)


On 29th October 2005, Ursuline Convent, Manjakunnu, Pattikad, Thrissur, was blessed and inaugurated. This community of sisters is actively involved in the Socio-Pastoral Ministry.

14. Claret Nivas, Barwadih


Claret Nivas, Barwadih was opened on 22st June 2014. This community is actively involved in the field of education and Socio – Pastoral activities. The Ursuline Sisters of Mary Immaculate work there in collaboration with the Claritian Missionary Fathers (CMF). This mission area is in Jharkhand under Daltonganj Diocese. There is an English Medium School run by the CMF Community. Ursuline Sisters of Mary Immaculate help the administration, impart education and take care of the School boarding. Our active involvement in the school, in the socio- pastoral Ministry and the presence with the young growing up students in the boarding brings life and light around.