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Navchetna, Bazpur



Navchetna, Bazpur

Social apostolate in Bazpur started in 1995. Sr. Mary John UMI did the pioneering work with the help of Fr. Richard Lobo the diocesan social work coordinator at that time. This apostolate was continued by Srs. Dionysia, Alex, and Manju.

It was long awaited dream to have a social service centre in Bazpur. It was accomplished and inaugurated on 10/01/2010. Sr. Mabel, superior of the vice province and her team took great interest in the construction of Navchetna. At present Sr. Reshma is the co-coordinator. Navchetna also functions in collaboration with Suchetna the diocesan social service centre at Kathgodam.

Dedicated for differently abled & community development Projects, and it was Inaugurated on Jan.10, 2010











 With help of SLF (Stiching Liliane Fonds) we work in 4 centers for differently abled such as:-

  • Bazpur
  • Bahedi
  • Kichha
  • Bailparao
  • We have a total of 150 Children in these centers.
  • We take care of physiotherapy for these children with the help of a therapist.
  • Rehabilitation process includes the different stages of the improvement of a child, like –
  • Pre and post operational physiotherapy
  • Corrective Operations
  • Medical Aid such as calipers, crutches, artificial leg, three-wheeler, etc.
  • Social rehabilitation
  • Economical rehabilitation
  • Income generation programme (IGP) is part of this work to enable them self-



We celebrate with them “World Disability Day” every 3rd of Dec.

Navchetna aims at the improvement of people especially the deprived and under privileged. It has 15 Mahila Mandals, 15 Kishori Mandals, 15 Village Committee and 6 Youth Groups.

Functions and achievements:-

It has 52 SHG, which has 612 members. The achievements out of this are economical development, ability to take decisions, involvement in panchayat raj, tapping govt. schemes, milk dairy, business, good education etc. 254 people got the Indira Avas,76 pension for disabled, 83 widow pensions, 516 old age pension, 586 people job cards are made available. SHG members take loan from the bank and start income generating programmes like animal rearing, agricultural works, business, tailoring and embroidery.


About 43 health camps are conducted in the villages. Thousands of people are benefiting out of these camps. Awareness about Herbal medicines are given to the villagers. So they grow Herbal garden at home and profit. Health awareness is given in 17 schools.













Community Development Projects in 30 villages in collaboration with the Diocese:

Issues undertaken are –

1. People organization 

  • SHG(self-help group)-61,Meb – 614
  • Mahila mandel-21, Meb-663
  • Kishori mandel-19, Meb-187
  • Bal mandel15,Meb-88
  • Village committee- 15, Meb-59
  • VMS (village maha sang)-6, Meb-81











2. Health

  • Pro- life
  • Awareness Programme- 80
  • Mother and Child Care Programme
  • Health Camp -8
  • Herbal Garden- 16

3. Land Right            

women managed to register the land in their name

4. NREGA (National rural employment act) & INDIRA AVAS  

Job card:- 1586

Indira Avas:- 1254 the villagers received

5. Herbal garden

We have 16 Herbal gardens in 15 villages

Preparation of medicine

More than 2000 people profited by the way of herbal medications

6. School health programme in 17 schools 

Preparing them to be the agents of social changes.










 7. Trainings

On good leadership










  • On animal raring
  • On how to be different
  • On herbal medicine
  • On how to manage current issues
  • On Vermin composed

8. Income Generating Programme (IGP)We have 4 main IGP sectors 

  • Business
  • Animal rearing
  • Agriculture
  • Tailoring and Embroidery











We have Tailoring class at Navchetna and from a village Animal rearing is increasing slowly Growth rate of Tailoring and Embroidery is increasing rapidly this year.

  1. Growth rate of Agriculture is fluctuating.
  2. Growth rate of business is highly increasing.
  3. 40 students learn in our centers.

We worked in these 3 areas like –

  1. Panchayat raj (PRI)
  2. With help of BDC MEMBERS and GRAM PRADANs we get
  3. Informations
  4. Pensions and
  5. Schemes

Save Earth

  • Giving Awareness on this issue










  • Composed manure pit
  • Planting new tree seedlings
  • Networking
  • NGOs &Other Congregations (Holy Cross & UFS)
  • Networking with Govt. schools
  • Block & thehasil office
  • Govt. Hospital

We join with the people to celebrate

  • Jan. 26, Nov. 14, Dec.3, Dec.25