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Samajik Seva Kendra, Sultanpur


About us

The genesis & background of the organization: Karunashray Samajik Seva Kendra (KSSK) is an outreach section of Karunashray Hospital, Sultanpur, working in 4 development blocks of Sultanpur district. It was founded in 2002 by some devoted sisters having humanitarian attitude. Its main aim is integrated sustainable development of society through people’s action and gross roots level development work. It promotes holistic and participatory approach for community empowerment and development and thereby poverty alleviation, and give priority to women, children and the socio-economically marginalized section of society.

The Mission: the social discrimination and discontent rise in the deprivation and poverty. Hence we see our primary mission as the empowerment of the people, especially the deprived and underprivileged. Among them priority is given to women, children and social economically weaker sections of society. Working for the holistic and sustainable development of these people, we believe that only the establishment of social justice is the right environment for creating exploitation free and self-reliance society.

The core values:

  1. Collaboration with like-minded people and organization.
  2.     2. Social cohesion and communal harmony
  3. Non-discrimination
  4. Focus on women, children and physically challenged persons.
  5. Participation of target community and stakeholders in all organizational efforts
  6. Rights based approach for empowerment and organized social action.
  7. Holistic approach for empowerment (i.e. initiating the process for social,

political and economic empowerment of target community) 8. Helping people

to help themselves by promoting people’s action

Major program sectors:

our organization works in the following areas of work. :-

  1. Community empowerment with special focus on women
  2. Economic enhancement through sustainable livelihood promotion.
  3. Community health promotion
  4. Integrated child development and education
  5. Establishing good governance through activation and strengthening of local self governance system.

Program approach:

KSSK adopts the following approaches in its program implementation:

  1. Community participation in program planning, implementation and

          routine monitoring

  1. Special focuses on women, children and physically challenged from poor

        communities since they are the most marginalized.

  1. Institutional development of CBOs and to carry out the activities through

        them and gradually prepare them for the sustainability to intervention.

  1. Mobilizing and creating people’s fund for enhancing the accessibility of

       target community on micro-credit facilities for self-help (immediate

       poverty needs) and livelihood creation.

  1. Creation of alternate livelihood opportunities for preventing the migration

        of target community

  1. Establishing good governance by promoting participation of target

        community in local self-governance system (i.e. leadership development

         in target community)


  1. To empower women to injustice and gender discrimination through

        collective action

  1. to give awareness on community health education to the people of the

        target area

  1. To motivate community to take up collective action and promote

        community to health and gender equality

  1. To promote children’s education and healthy life style.
  2. To empower adolescent girls through literacy and family life orientation

        and personality development

  1. To promote the drop out children to go school.
  2. To bridge the increasing gap between male and female ratio and putting

       stop on female feticide